Traditional “Swedish” massage

It is in fact indicated by doctors to solve many problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, headaches, anxiety and depression, gastrointestinal disorders, sciatica, stiff neck, back pain.

This massage is the traditional western massage that takes its name from the place in Europe where it was born and developed. It is mainly characterized by the fact that the whole body is treated in order to promote relaxation and release muscle tension derived from everyday life.

How it works?

It starts from the feet and goes up to the head; at first light strokes are performed, followed by frictions, superficial and deep manipulations/mixing, percussions to reactivate the circulation and final relaxing strokes.

Massage oil is used to make the massage more pleasant and gentle. Massage lasts about 60 minutes and is normally considered as a “relaxing” therapy to be performed weekly or even several times a week, according to the preferences and needs of the patient.

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