About me

Mirko Maiocchi, MCB certified masseur and kinesiologist, has always been in contact with the world of fitness, sports and personal well-being.

In parallel to the high-level path as a professional coach of men’s basketball, he carries out studies and constant updates in the sphere of massage therapy to help athletes and others to face everyday life in full psychophysical well-being.

Mirko Maiocchi

Certifications and Studies

  • Graduated MCB at Ecolife Milan
  • Highly specialized seminar “Integrated Manual Therapy for Knee and Ankle”
  • Specialization course “Kinesiology Taping Therapy”.
  • Physical trainer Italian Basketball Federation (F.I.P.) .
  • BLSD operator course – First Aid with defibrillator.
  • Member of the National Association of Massage Therapists, no. B359

Would you like more information about this treatment or about the study? You can contact us directly at 3517171706 or write us an email at info@studiomaiocchi.com.