By kinesiotherapy we mean a path that uses various methods to improve the health status and functional recovery of the patient.

We often speak only of recovery, but in reality kinesiotherapy aims to improve joint movement, strength, muscle mass and mobility.

How it works?

Therefore, a personalized program is elaborated which foresees the union of different components: various massage techniques are combined with recovery exercises, muscle strengthening, proprioceptive exercises for stability, active and passive stretching techniques. All aimed at restoring the correct functioning of the “body-machine”.

It is often prescribed by physicians and orthopedists following prolonged immobilization, but also after fractures, dislocations, tendon dysfunction, arthrosis and arthritis, pre- and post-operative trauma.

Is it personalized?

The therapy is customized for each patient and the course can vary from a few weeks to a few months depending on the goals to be achieved. The use of different methods, therefore, requires that the patient also works outside of the individual sessions following a specific and shared program.

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