Myofascial massage

The term my fascial refers to a massage that combines the specific techniques of fascial massage with techniques of shiatsu massage.

By fascia we mean a structure formed by connective tissue that covers muscles, blood vessels, the nervous system and that holds together muscle and joint structures allowing them to slide over each other. In fact, the “fascial chain” is a functional conjunction able to give structure and support to the body, allowing its movement.

That feeling that is often identified by phrases like “my back feels stiff,” “my shoulder feels stuck,” etc., are exactly the signs that the affected muscle fascia is not flowing as it should.

What is our treatment for?

The treatment is therefore aimed at freeing the fascia, first treating muscle adhesions, then stretching and relaxing the fascia and finally treating contractures by working on the pain centers (trigger points). In this way, we act both on the superficial fascial structures and on the deep ones, increasing the degree of movement, releasing tensions and improving the postural aspect.

This treatment is one of the most requested by professional athletes as the increased mobility and fascial smoothness improves athletic gestures and therefore performance.

In addition, precisely because of a newfound fluidity of movement, there is a significant reduction in the risk of muscle trauma and already with one or two treatments, there is a complete disappearance of pain and muscle discomfort and at the same time a better sports performance.

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