Back and lower back pain

For dorsalgia we mean all those pains that are perceived in the dorsal tract of the back and in particular in the area that goes from the shoulders to under the shoulder blades.

Low back pain, on the other hand, are those pains that are felt in the lower back, near the pelvis.

For both, before any treatment, it is advisable to analyze the situation with specific tests and a thorough evaluation. Better if the patient has instrumental reports such as MRI or CT.

What are the causes?

The causes can be the most varied, from incorrect posture and movements to psychological stress, including trauma, poor muscle condition and excessive body weight.

Once the problem has been identified and the cause or causes have been identified, a personalized therapeutic plan is drawn up based mainly on manual manipulation and kinesitherapy aimed at relaxing the fascia and soothing the pain until the symptoms have completely disappeared.

How does the terapy works?

Relaxation and muscle stretching exercises, joint mobilization and muscle strengthening are always proposed to be carried out between sessions. Normally a cycle of 4-5 sessions is resolving in most cases, but in relation to the condition of the individual may provide some additional sessions.

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