Recovery from injury

Recovery from injury, post-operative and functional rehabilitation plan

Often after an injury or an operation, orthopedists recommend a physiotherapy rehabilitation plan, forgetting that physiotherapy deals with the restoration of motor and joint function of the injured part without taking into account, however, what happens in the rest of the body during the period of forced stop. Often, in fact, following injuries or operations, pain appears in parts of the body that do not seem to be connected with the part under therapy. Why? Because the body tries to find adaptations to compensate for imbalances caused by trauma. In doing so, however, the new balance found is not always compatible with a state of good health.

The idea is therefore to combine physiotherapy with a personalized program. of work that involves the use of numerous methodologies and massage therapy techniques such as lymphatic drainage, microcurrent, kinesiotaping, fascial release, muscle strengthening, electrostimulation. The goal is to work together with the physiotherapist to reduce the time of resumption of activity while improving the physical condition of the patient.

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