Decontracting Massage

Muscle contractures are a common ailment that affects both athletes and “ordinary” people who do not play sports in their daily lives.

In most cases, contractures are due to repeated, prolonged or excessively intense efforts. However, bad posture, trauma or surgery can also be the cause of small or large contractures.

The decontracting massage involves specific techniques in relation to the area to be treated, which are aimed at reducing muscle tension and spasms, vascularize the tissues by increasing the supply of oxygen, mobilize them and restore the normal flow between muscle fibers.

Treating only the painful part is often not enough to solve the problem, therefore, in addition to the contracted area, treat the affected area with manipulations that are light at first and then deeper and deeper, and continue also in the surrounding areas. For example, when you have a contracture in the “calf” it is appropriate to treat the rest of the leg and the foot as well.

How does the treatment work?

Normally the massage lasts about 50-60 minutes and depending on the type of problem, two or more sessions may be necessary. Between one session and another it is always advisable to perform small muscle stretching exercises in order to maintain and restore normal muscle elasticity; the exercises are always proposed at the end of each treatment.

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