Headaches are one of the most annoying and disabling disorders that at least once in a lifetime, everyone has experienced.

Doctors divide the common headache into two major categories:

Tension Headache.

This is the most common form and is often related to stress, depression, anxiety and poor posture. It appears almost suddenly and is a constant pain. It is usually caused by an involuntary and continuous contraction of the muscles of the forehead, neck, nape of the neck and shoulders, which lose mobility and become stiff.


Migraine pain is often described as throbbing, intense, may spread to both sides of the head starting in the frontal region above the eye and near the temple, worsening with movement.

How does the treatment work?

Thanks to a personalized protocol it is possible to fight headaches even in the acute phase thanks to specific manual therapies that immediately have a pain-relieving effect. Thanks to the therapeutic protocol it is possible to considerably reduce both the frequency and the intensity of headaches in the most severe forms and it is possible to achieve complete resolution for milder problems.

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